Our Brands

Anaesthetics and Critical Care


Argon DTX Plus™ Disposable Pressure Transducer Sets are designed for ease of use and minimal wavelength distortion.Argon Safedraw™ Safe Arterial Blood Sampling Systems significantly reduce unnecessary blood discard and blood spillage, thereby reducing the risk of iatrogenic anaemia and cross contamination to patients and staff.Argon Gabarith™ Certified Sets use total haemodynamic chain concept to offer the opportunity for improved haemodynamic accuraccy. Both Argon DTXPlus™ and Argon Safedraw™ sets are available with Gabarith™ total chain concept certification.

Exergen Corp

Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer - Changing The Way The World Takes Temperatures

The 37° Company

The 37° Company offers the complete package for Patient Temperature Management. Products include the Fluido® Blood and Fluid Warming IV system, theFluido® Irrigation system for surgical irrigation and the Thermoflect range.

Timesco Healthcare

Quality range of laryngoscope blades and modern, ergonomically designed handles including Shakerscope, ION and Single Use Skin handles.

Connect-EZY Breathing Circuits

A comprehensive range of circuits in various lengths and configurations compatible with all commonly used Anaesthesia Machines and Ventilators.

Resus-EZY Resuscitators & Accessories
The Resus EZY range of manual Resuscitators have been designed in Australia for Australian conditions. We have a large range of manual resuscitators  to suit the varing needs of our customers.  

Opti-Gard patient eye protector - protection of patient's eyes during prolonged surgical procedures.

Gertie Marx Spinal Needles

The Gertie Marx pencil point spinal anesthesia needle was specially designed to deliver a faster CSF flow to patients undergoing spinal anesthesia than other leading needles.

Bluepoint Medical

The ultra-compact, ergonomic design of CapnoTrue® combines outstanding performance and reliability in mainstream or sidestream CO2 and SpO2 monitoring.