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Anaesthetics and Critical Care

Timesco Healthcare

Quality range of laryngoscope blades and modern, ergonomically designed handles including Shakerscope, ION and Single Use Skin handles.


CONNECT EZY®A comprehensive range of circuits in various lengths and configurations compatible with all commonly used Anaesthesia Machines and Ventilators.


The Resus EZY range of manual Resuscitators have been designed in Australia for Australian conditions. We have a large range of manual resuscitators to suit the varing needs of our customers.  


Opti-Gard patient eye protector - protection of patient's eyes during prolonged surgical procedures.

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International Medical Development

The Gertie Marx pencil point spinal anesthesia needle was specially designed to deliver a faster CSF flow to patients undergoing spinal anesthesia than other leading needles.

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A Swedish medical device company that develops and manufactures patient monitoring systems including the TetraGraph®, for real-time EMG monitoring of neuromuscular function, typically before, during and directly after surgery.