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NATROX® O₂ topical oxygen wound therapy

NATROX® O₂, is a small, wearable form of continuous topical oxygen therapy that uses the natural properties of oxygen to stimulate healing in previously non-healing wounds. It is non-invasive, easy to use, and highly effective. Ideal across both clinical and home care settings, it can be used during any phase of healing and works with almost any standard secondary dressings.  Lightweight and discreet, NATROX® O₂ gives patients complete freedom of movement.


eKare inSight® delivers the most advanced wound assessment capability to you as a simple mobile app. Obtain full 3D wound measurement and tissue composition within seconds at the point of care.

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Walgreen Health Solutions

Heelift Suspension Boot has long set the bar for heel pressure ulcer prevention and treatment. Heelift effectively eliminates pressure from the heel by offloading all pressure from the heel and redistributing the pressure to the calf, preventing the development of heel pressure ulcers. A gentle cradling and cushioning of the lower leg with the heel elevated in protective space reduces the chances for irritation or pressure points.

The portfolio includes Heelift Classic, Glide, AFO and Glide Ultra and Elbow suspension pads.

WOUNDCHEK Laboratories

WOUNDCHEK Laboratories is focused on developing novel wound diagnostic products to improve therapeutic outcomes in wound care.

WOUNDCHEK PROTEASE STATUS is the world's first point-of-care diagnostic test to detact Elevated Protease Activity (EPA) which indicates chronic inflammation of the wound and impedes healing.